WordPress is everywhere online. At least, there is a huge proportion of personal and professional websites that are powered by this blogging platform. The reasons for this is that it is extremely scalable, flexible and can be outfitted with any plug-in your business or web audience may need.

While this may be nice for those thousands of web masters who have WordPress, you may wonder why choose WordPress for your blog or website. Here are three good reasons.

Themes and More Themes

The ways in which WordPress sites can be designed are endless. You can use a myriad of themes which are backgrounds and color schemed menus that you simply plug into your account and enjoy. If you cannot find a template of a theme that works for what you envision, you can hire a professional WordPress designer to come up with a unique one for you.

Perhaps the best part is that – as someone new to blogging – you can try a theme before you ever buy a theme. If one of the available themes and color schemes works for your blog or site, it is free to use for as long as you like. If you just want to test out various themes as you try to create the perfect website for your business or products, this is the best and most cost-effective way to go about doing this.

If your blog or business falls somewhere in between you can pay for a theme from WordPress. This would be an occasion where your site or blog is a bit more of a personal thing for you. It has meaning for you and it needs something truly personal. You can use a free template all you like but if you do not like the idea of having a theme that so many other bloggers have, you can opt to pay for a theme layout.

Finally, and this is the most expensive choice available, you can hire a professional designer to make a theme for you.

SEO Friendly

The reality is that most people whether they are blogging for pleasure or for money want to be seen online. If this was not the case, the best idea would be to keep a paper-formatted diary. People keep blogs because they want to be noticed.

If the blogger is a business or needs the Worpress platform for financial purposes, then it needs views. The best and surest way to get seen and to get views which translate into search engine rankings is through the WordPress platform. It is completely SEO friendly.

You can share a post and tag it. Immediately, your essential topics and keywords will be easily seen by web visitors. More importantly, they will be better able to be picked up by search engines.

The reason why we choose WordPress for its Search Engine Optimisation friendliness is that this part of your blog and site are also completely customizable. Simply choose the SEO plug-ins of your choice and track visits, link backs, rank and so much more. You can choose from literally dozens of plug-ins to help boost your rankings and visits and most importantly, your authority.


Finally, the best reason for getting on board with this platform is the support available. The forum for getting questions and answers 24-hours a day is one of the most helpful around. If you need help setting it up, all the answers are there.

From themes to SEO friendliness to support and much more, WordPress is the blog platform to choose. Why choose WordPress? It is great for beginners and professionals alike.